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Amylac cream is a Ammonium lactate cream as it contains ammonium lactate 12% in cream base. Some of the equivalent products available in market are Lac-Hydrin or Amlactin or Geri-Hydrolac.Its best suited for dry skins as Lactic acid 12% acts as a hydrating agent ,so it helps in maintaining moisture in skin.It may be used on dry skins casuing itching. it may act as instant remedy.Ammonium lactate acts as anti-itching due to lactic acid in it and ammonium hydroxide. Ammonium lactate promotes skin moisturizing and keeps skin smooth for a longer period Ammonium lactate stops formation of keratin in out layer of skin. Ammonium Lactate is FDA approved as well.

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Lactic acid creme or Amylac is a rare qualified cosmeceutical medicated merchandise which includes focused lactic acid 12% in a steamy bottom in tube that was massive. A Lactic acid Lotion 12% natual skin care treatment advantages a number of skin complaints. Creamy platform chemicals it’s an effective way for dried and sensitive skin types simultaneously, specifically to exfoliate. It could be used on the face decrease age-spots and scarred tissues, likewise found in daily skincare regime to keep up to reduce hyperpigmentation and slowly enhance the effects. On the body, lactic acid treatment soften calluses, get rid of dry and difficult skin, and reduce marks and stretchmarks in combination witn vitamin-c serums and tretinoin based products/gels.

Lactic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) found in skin care like a chemical exfoliant. By carefully dissolving skin that collects at first glance of performance skin skin, a acid skin care cream rewards skin. These lifeless tissues cause dried, boring skin and may prevent your skin treatments simply because they can’t be consumed from performing correctly. Removing this accumulation is among the most important areas of a skin care program.

A strong Lactic acid treatment 12% might have a delicate peeling effect. Pulling removes damaged tissue, old skin cover and tissues to uncover your skin below that is in better condition. It is really strong and common professional anti-aging technique to decrease wrinkles, age-spots, different skin discoloration and acne scars. The cracking influence lactic acid treatment eliminates and progressively presents is very moderate / shines any skin damage. There is less danger of any kind sideeffects from acid lotion, if applied alone, nevertheless it takes longer to view results.

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Its common training to use a lactic acid lotion for face treatment to be sure their skin is properly exfoliated, ensuring their additional anti-aging items can work properly. Acid product is delicate and certainly will be utilized daily. Properly suited at first to daily consumption, especially if you have sensitive skin. Products and many lactic acid creams include significantly less than 8%, creating them gentle products that aren’t prone to visibly peel skin. This Lactic Acid treatment is sturdy cosmeceutical quality item. Large focused 30%-70% Lactic skins have become strong and will often greatly worsen new users should they don’t offer their skin time to adjust to applying alpha-hydroxy acids, but with this specific Lactic acid product you will never expirience any tenderness, itching or additional discomfort. Employing a moderate Lactic Acid treatment for some weeks leading up to a peel can greatly reduce your possibility of experiencing problems.

Lactic acid treatment 12% gains all skin types, but is an idea item for sensitive and dry skin. It’s milder than glycolic acid base making it possibly milder and irritative. Exfoliation is needed by vulnerable skin like everybody else, but frequently has difficulty together with the friction connected with strategies that are manual – a scrub. Moderate levels of lactic acid 12PERCENT in a moisturizing creamy bottom can be extremely valuable. Dry skin is frequently truly shredding useless cells which have accumulated about the skin’s surface. Chemical Lactic acid peeling removes than cleaning, this dead skin build up better. Lactic acid cream even offers deep moisturizing properties.

Amylac Lactic acid 12% product is usually used along with Salicylic acid ointments in acne formulations. Lactic treatment rewards that are 12% acne products by eliminating skin that will clog pores. This lifeless skin may also keep Salicylic acid from addressing pores, where clogs breaks up. Incorporating the two ingredients is quite efficient.

A lactic acid product is a great strategy to handle calluses, dry body skin, and chicken skin – keratosis pilaris. Lactic acid product is robust enough to remove, it minimizing stretch marks and scars in combination with hydroquinone compoments or tretinoin and vitamin c items. Lactic acid creme enhancing the consequences of manual exfoliation. Acid 12% treatment is likely to make your skin layer burn simpler with sun exposure. Ensure that you use quality sunscreen on any skin that has been addressed with lactic acid to get a week or maybe more following each application.

Amylac Lactic acid creme 12% product will work like a lotion that will target locations with remaining wet around the body that require assistance. Acid treatment can be a humectant. Precisely how it works is unknown however it increases the quantity of water inside the skin, which makes it smoother and much more pliable.

As being a summary several skin types are benefited by lactic acid treatment and certainly will be considered a wonderful addition to practically any skin care regimen. It is unlikely to irritate clearly acid treatment and the skin is really a quite convenient method to exfoliate and moisturize using a single-product!


  • Rinse see your face and throat;
  • Utilize Amylac/ lactic acid creme treatment on throat, your face, fingers or any part of the body;
  • Massage the lotion lightly;
  • Watch for 15 minutes before going out within the sunshine, use SPF 15+.

12 reviews for Amylac Lactic Acid cream12%

  1. Rated 1 out of 5

    I am sorry to say that this product has done nothing for me. I have used it daily for 2 weeks and have found absolutely no improvement.

  2. Rated 1 out of 5

    Didn’t notice much in way of tightening. Beauty Control works much better

  3. Rated 4 out of 5

    Makes skin feel very soft and hydrated. Not sure it firmed a whole lot, but it did make my face and neck feel nice.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Wonderful really seems to make a difference

  5. Rated 2 out of 5

    After using it faithfully twice a day. ….nothing!!!! My husband even used it. Nothing!

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    I wish you sold larger sizes of your products – other than that good product!!!

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Great alternative product that is competitive with the brand Amlactin for gently removing dead skin. I would highly recommend it for those who suffer from folliculitis like myself. I have had no issues with the product and it is very effective for hydration and exfoliation.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    This is the best hand lotion I have ever used. I first started using it 25 years ago when a dermatologist prescribed it for me. It was very expensive then but now that it’s no longer by prescription only, anyone can afford it. A bottle will last a very long time because you only use a very little bit at a time. It doesn’t have a pleasant smell but it certainly does the job.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    My son suffers from a genetic skin condition that scales the dry skin and does not allow the skin to flake off as normally. I can’t remember exactly what the condition is. The Dermatologist that diagnosed him suggested that we use Amalactin cream with Ammonium Lactate. That product never really worked I am assuming that it is so to the lower percentage of Ammounium Lactate. That product is also much much more expensive.
    All I have to say is this product is extemely good. My son’s skin has cleared up dramatically. His skin begin to clear up noticeably within the first 10 days of daily use and the price can’t be beat.
    Highly recommend this product

  10. Rated 4 out of 5

    I was given a prescription for this product but when I searched Ayurskins, I found this generic version. Beat the prescription prices! Ordered it and am pleasantly surprised. There is an odor but it does dissipate pretty quickly. My bruising appears to be much less frequent. I am entirely satisfied!

  11. Rated 3 out of 5

    This really seems to help my KP scars. It absorbs pretty easily without the greasy feeling. The only caution I would give is that if there are any areas of your skin that might be open (cuts, scraps, etc), this will sting (a lot). I used this on my legs after shaving and I had no idea I’d cut myself so much… ouch. My husband used this on his hands (his knuckles get a bit dried/cracked) and it really stung. The feeling goes away, so never fear.

  12. Rated 5 out of 5

    Does wonders for my rough skin on my arms

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