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Benoquin is your superb topical therapy for vitiligo sufferers. Human epidermis is a complicated structure so its disorders. Vitiligo is said to become an autoimmune disorder that refers to presence of white patches on the skin. They grow as a consequence of destruction of their melanin producing cells-melanocytes from the sufferer’s own immune system. Though the specific reason for the evolution of vitiligo is not known, it is thought that it’s an autoimmune disorder. Monobenzone is the active compound of this medication. It operates by lessening the saliva content of skin surrounding the white patch thus making them even in skin color. Before utilizing benoquin, consult with your doctor concerning the advantages and disadvantages of the medication. You may find some side effects also such as moderate burning feeling or tingling in the website of application. Never use this cream over broken skin or skin affected with eczema or psoriasis.


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Benefits of Benoquin Cream Monobenzone 20%

Vitiligo has been affecting millions of people in the United States. It is a skin condition where you can see porcelain colored white patches in the midst of usually pigmented skin. These white patches occur in various parts of the body when melanocytes (the cells that produce melanin under the control of the melanocyte-stimulating hormone) are destroyed in the skin. Apart from skin, similar white patches can also be seen on mucous membranes (tissues that are present inside of the mouth and nose), hair and retina of the eye. Benoquin cream (Monobenzone) is a popular topical treatment for Vitiligo.

Mechanism of Action

Monobenzone under the brand name Benoquin is a depigmenting agent that acts on the unharmed skin by decreasing the levels of pigment molecules or melanin in order to match with the affected areas in the body. It is used to depigment or lighten the skin lastingly in patients suffering from a skin disorder called Vitiligo. Monobenzone helps to render a uniform coloring and look to the skin by lightening the dark areas surrounding the white patches.

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Dosage & Administration

Benoquin (Monobenzone) cream is a topical treatment applied to skin for depigmenting it. It may take up to 4 months of treatment with Benoquin to finish the entire depigmentation process of the treated skin. However, you can inform your doctor if you donate see any improvement in your condition after one month. Skin where Monobenzone is being applied to may be particularly sensitive to sunlight or irritation for the remaining part of your life. Possible depigmentation may also occur in other unaffected skin areas by using Monobenzone cream. Talk to your doctor if you have apprehensions regarding this side effect of the medication.

Things to Avoid

You need to be careful about certain things while continuing Benoquin treatment. You need to avoid direct exposure to sunlight or artificial Ultra Violet (UV) rays emitting from sunlamps and tanning beds. Monobenzone causes a highly sensitive skin to sunlight. Ultimately, sunburns may happen in the skin. You can deal with this problem by applying a sunscreen lotion (minimum SPF 15) onto your skin and wearing protective clothing when you move out of your home.

Side Effects

Benoquin (Monobenzone) may have both serious and less serious side effects. Serious side effects may include s ymptoms of allergic reaction such as hives, difficulty breathing, swelling of face, lips, tongue or throat. All these allergic symptoms call for emergency medical help. You should stop using Monobenzone and call your doctor immediately if you experience terrible skin irritation, swelling, burning, or itchiness. Less serious side effects may be mild swelling of the treated skin, mild skin irritation, or mild skin redness or itching.

Drug Interactions

Certain drugs can interact with Benoquin (Monobenzone). Your doctor should be informed about any prescription or over-the-counter medicines you are currently taking that may interact with Monobenzone. These drugs should also include vitamins, minerals and herbal products. Take your doctor or pharmacist’s approval before starting or stopping any medicine.

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