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Dry Skin Problem for Diabetic Patients


Diabetes patients normally have to face the problem of dry skin. These problems of dry skin in diabetes include eczema, fungal infection and psoriasis. The diabetes dry skin is highly prominent on the feet, legs and elbows. This skin problem is difficult to treat but can overcome using effective remedies.

Dry skin in diabetes:

Diabetes is a disease caused when body fails to produce or use insulin properly. Insulin helps in breaking down the food into energy. This energy is used by the body to perform daily functions. The primary identifications of diabetes are; excessive weight loss, irritability, high increase in fatigue and drying of skin. The failure of body in producing insulin is considered as the first type of diabetes whereas failure in using the insulin properly is considered as the second type of diabetes.

In diabetes, there is increase in blood-glucose level and decrease in nerve sensitivity. In such case, body tends to lose fluids. One suffering with diabetes does not sweat sufficiently. This results into the dry skin. The dry skin problem is more serious in diabetic patients than the normal people due to the disease infections.

Due to the decrease in sensitivity of nerves, one comes to know about the skin problems very late. A diabetic patient if not aware of the problem of dry skin in the earlier stages, the problem can become more dangerous in the future. A common example of excessively dry skin among diabetic patients is the severe cracking of skin on foot. In diabetes, the cracks and wounds do not heal quickly and it may result into more dangerous skin. The wounds may get infected by the germs that can cause gangrene.

Treating dry skin in diabetes:

  • To prevent the dry skin problem and various other problems, it is essential to keep the blood-glucose level under control.
  • Bathing more than twice a day needs to be avoided to protect the skin from drying. If skin bath is taken more than required, it produces rashes and cracks on skin. Warm water should be used for bathing. When a person is diabetic, this skin trouble cannot be easily kept under control.
  • One should avoid the excessive use of medicines such as antispasmodics, antihistamines and diuretics.
  • A diabetic patient should consume regular diet rich in vitamins A and B. One should drink enough water every day.
  • It is beneficial to apply effective moisturizing lotion containing good amount of oil and water to keep the skin well moisturized. It is recommended to use moisturizers containing no alcohol.
  • One can use humidifier in his/her room to keep the room warm and prevent the skin from cold wind.
  • One should use mild soaps containing hydrating agents and very less or no chemicals. The skin should essentially be protected from extreme temperatures.

Dry skin is a commonly observed skin problem, but it becomes difficult to treat when found in diabetic patients. Therefore, a diabetic person having dry skin should treat the skin properly at the primary stages, because if ignored can result into the serious skin diseases.

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