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Home Remedies for Hyperpigmentation

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Home remedies for hyperpigmentation

Below is the list of home remedies for hyperpigmentation

  • Rub vitamin E oil on the affected area.
  • Gently apply the affected area with pumice stone.
  • Massage the dark patches with coconut oil.
  • Apply a mixture of lemon juice and turmeric powder over the patches.
  • Massage the affected area with a piece of lemon.
  • Wax regularly.

Avoid the sun

Avoiding the sun when it is very hot is a good way of preventing the hyperpigmentation. Apply good sunblock lotion to protect the skin. Umbrellas, hats, and sunglasses are good tools to get protection from the sun.

Drink plenty of water

A good source of moisture for the skin is water. Drink a minimum of eight glasses of water every day and your spotted skin will be diminished definitely. Other benefits of water intake is that the moisturized skin will be rejvenated and looked fabulous, while the appearance of fine lines will be reduced significantly.

Have a balanced diet

One of the most underrated benefit of a healthy balanced diet is good healthy skin. Through eating foods rich in minerals, vitamins, fibers, amino-acids and carbohydrates will you keep your body healthy, and the bonus of obtaning a great looking skin. When your body health is good, your skin will be glowing too.This is one the simplest hyperpigmentation treatment.

Whitening of the Skin

Most likely one of the best hyperpigmentation treatment available when it comes to minimizing the presence of dark spots on the skin, one needs to be mindful of the risks involved when using it. The various skin bleaching products mask the appearance of the excessive melanin production.

Many skin whitening creams use Hydroquinone as the active ingredient. in Hydroquinone is a bleaching agent that blocks melanin, and it can be quite potent in big doses. Obviously, whitening creams that are sold over-the-counter have much less hydroquinone than those that require a doctor’s prescription. Some of the side effects of hydroquinone use include skin irritation, hypopigmentation, and a condition called ochronosis. Ochronosis refers to the black speckles or discolorations on the skin. If you suspect that you are facing side effects with skin whitening creams, you should always consult a doctor.

Skin Exfoliation

Only qualified beauty therapist can perform skin exfoliation which removes the top surface layer of the skin. It is thought that by removing the dead skin cells at the top layer, there will be a regrowth of new layer of skin cells which will look fresher and less damaged then the original skin. But this hyperpigmentation treatment method is not for everyone as it depends on various factors like age, diet and other medical conditions.

Surgery with Lasers

The last resort for the hyperpigmentation treatment is laser surgery. As always, any operation will have varying risks and you should consult a doctor if this operation is suitable for you. Bear in mind the high cost of this operation.
These are the various Hyperpigmentation treatment methods for you to check it out. It is hoped you get the desired results without too much expenses or trouble.

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