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How Careprost work and Careprost Review

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If you’ve always trusted the authority of the FDA, and you’re looking for an eyelash enhancing product that’s been approved by the agency, you should use Careprost. After all, you shouldn’t just entrust the fate of your eyes to any product. If you must apply anything to enhance the appearance of your lashes, it might as well be something that’s been tested and approved by the authorities.Below is  careprost review,

What is Careprost?

Careprost is an eye lash lengthening, darkening and thickening serum which promises to produce significant results within two to four months. It’s reasonably-priced and safe enough for the average American girl. Careprost has disposable wands. You can throw out the wand after your first application. Other eyelash conditioners make you reuse the wand until you finish the eyelash enhancer.

How does Careprost work?

Careprost works by nourishing your eyelashes. It contains mild, chemical ingredients which darken the lashes (producing a more luscious appearance), strengthen it so it won’t shed off so easily, and nourish the skin of the lids to encourage hair follicles on the eyelash line to grow new hair. To apply this eyelash conditioner, gently brush the disposable wand onto your eyelash line. Do this daily. The cost for the monthly supply of this eyelash enhancer is reasonable. If you take a photo of your lashes before using the product, you should notice a lengthening effect already by the second or third week. For full results, though, you should religiously apply the product for four to six months. Just like hair conditioners, the effects of any eyelash enhancers aren’t really permanent. You need to continuously nourish your lashes if you want to maintain their rich, long and dark appearance. While the full results of Careprost are seen after six months or less, your lashes won’t be as lush if you discontinue use. There’s also no guarantee that you’ll maintain the appearance by using cheaper products. Also, these cheaper eyelash conditioners may harm your eyes and skin.

What are the benefits of using Careprost?

Compared to eyelash extensions, weaves and perms, Careprost eyelash enhancers help you make your lashes naturally long, dark and thick. Consider the serum as nourishment or a vitamin formula if you will. Weaves and eyelash extensions which are adhered artificially to your lids ruin your natural eyelashes. Once you take of these extensions, your natural lashes also fall out, creating unevenness and bald spots. These eyelash enhancers won’t put your natural lashes at risk.

What is the feedback from users of Careprost?

While the product is well-received, and is said to be more effective than other eyelash enhancers, you may have a problem if you have extra-sensitive skin. Some users of Careprost have reported itching and swelling around the eye area, possibly due to the bimotropost contained in the product. Because of the darkening agent of the eyelash conditioner, Careprost also darkens the skin in the lid area. If you’re thinking of using this product and you have allergic rhinitis or allergy-prone areas in your face, you might want to consider consulting your physician first.


For real value for your money, choose safe eyelash enhancers like Careprost. 98% of users were fully satisfied with the product, based on a quick survey of forums online. You won’t be disappointed with Careprost as long as you carry out the necessary precautions, should your skin be extra-sensitive to cosmetic products. Generally, though, there’s nothing to fear. Careprost underwent rigorous tests before it was released. If it didn’t make it to the top of the list, it’s only because another product produced impressive results over a shorter period of time.

Careprost is:

  • Fast-acting
  • Generally well-received
  • May have slight short-term side effects like the darkening of the lids because of chemical composition
  • Extra-sensitive skin may itch or swell because of the product. Advice from physician is recommended
  • Much safer than false eyelashes which make natural lashes shed
  • Produces long-term, natural results
  • FDA approved

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