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How to Get Rid of Lower Back Pain Fast?

Lower back pain is one of the most common pains in the US, as about 80% to 90% people
suffer from lower back pain at some point in life. Fortunately, there are ways you can easily get
rid of your lower back pain. Allow you have to do is implement these changes in your lifestyle.

Diagnosis – There are a number of reasons why you might be suffering from lower back pain,
and the best way to deal with the issue is by going in for a regular checkup. As your doctor will
be able to diagnose your condition. This way your healthcare practitioner will be able to advise
you the best possible solution for your pain.

Bed Rest – There are times when too much bed rest can cause problems. Yes, there is such a
thing as too much bed rest, and you will feel body pains after it. Studies show that individuals
that suffer from lower back pain and keep up with an active lifestyle are more likely to get lower
back pain than individuals who rest more. So try to avoid long bed rests, and you will instantly
feel the difference.

Ice – If you have recently suffered an injury that might have harmed your lower back, then using
ice can help reduce the inflammation. This is a simple and easy technique that requires you to
lay flat on your stomach and place an ice pack on your lower back. If your injury is just a day or
two old, then you will be able to recover in a matter of hours. This way your muscles will start to
heal, and you will finally be able to rest easy.

Exercise – There are times when lower back pain is caused due to inadequate use of muscles.
Which is why the fastest way to get rid of lower back pain is by exercising. Start slow, and take
up walking, then move towards more high impact exercises when you feel your body is ready. If
you instantly jump to high-intensity workouts you might harm your muscles. This way you will be
able to get rid of your back pain and get in shape. The perfect solution to two problems. Note:-
You can also use inversion table for lower back pain exercises. Check out the reviews of
inversion table at The Outdoor Geeks.

Yoga – There are types of yoga that are safe, and then there are a few postures that might put
you in a tough spot. Which is why we suggest you only take on safe yoga postures, that you can
easily practice at home. Currently, yoga is known as the fastest way to help you relieve your
back pains. To help you out we have listed a few safe yoga postures to practice. However, if
you feel your pain is getting worse. Visit your doctor, and get a complete checkup.

Here are the postures that might help in relieving back pain instantly:

  • Supine Hamstring Stretch
  • Two-Knee Twist
  • Sphinx
  • Pigeon
  • Legs up the wall

These methods will help you get rid of your lower back pain in no time, so you can go on and
live a back pain-free life.

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