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Latest Hair Styles For The Fall

Latest Hair Styles For The Fall

This fall, the latest hair styles are beautiful, chic and care free. What’s Hot? Hair styles that maximize your own natural beauty. The sky is the limit! Natural hair styles that say: I am healthy, I am beautiful, and it’s easy to be this fabulous. In wearing the latest hair styles, it is important to not sacrifice the health of your hair for another pretty look. My rule of thumb is: When it’s all said and done, if your hair style choice causes damage, don’t do it. Take a look at our predictions for the latest natural hair styles that keep your hair healthy and beautiful.


hair highlight ayuskins

Adding natural highlight or low light tones give your hair the umph it may need to stop a little traffic. In the case of hair color, less is more. We all have features that are naturally beautiful…maximize yours. It doesn’t take extreme measures to get the wow. You don’t have to add color that damages your hair, or makes onlookers get whiplash from looking at what you did this time. When wearing natural hair with hair color: Feel free to experience the full range of colors available…dabble in the golds, coppers, and reds…lighten several shades up or even go a little darker. Be cautious of going too far to the lighter end of the spectrum (platinum blond) unless your hair is extremely strong. Also keep in mind: once you go black its hard to go back: After dying your hair black, it is very difficult to go lighter. Most importantly, don’t forget to condition, condition, condition. Any texture of hair needs extra moisture and strengthening conditioners with hair color. Try lemon juice, annato, beet juice, henna, camomile and other natural ingredients to change hair color naturally. Because of the natural shape of kinky and curly tresses (z formation), natural oils very seldom reach the ends of the hair which can cause kinky textures of hair to break. Conditioning the hair is important before you add color, immediately after you add color, and the duration of the time that you wear color. For our pick of a great strengthening conditioner

Pressed hair with extensions

Pressing chemical free hair is a great way to keep your tresses healthy while still being able to wear it straight. Adding extension super sizes your press and increases the opportunity of your hair remaining healthy. Follow these helpful tips and your hair will be strong, thick, and beautiful:

  • Shampoo with sulfate free shampoo. Sulfates tend to dry the hair out and cause breakage. Of course our pick is the Selsun Selenium Sulfide 2.5% Suspension Shampoo.
  • Deep Condition with hot oil treatments. This important step prevents hair breakage and shedding that is often associated with wearing a hair press. Make sure that while your hair is weaved or braided that you lightly oil your scalp and condition all of your hair…especially the hair in the braids or hair weave. For recipes for natural deep conditioners and hot oil treatments.
  • Press your kinky or curly hair with conditioning creams that do not include parabens, wax, petroleum, or mineral oil. These ingredients cause build up in the hair, clog the pores, cause hair breakage, and can stunt hair growth.
  • In adding hair extensions, do not glue or add adhesives. No bonding and absolutely no more lace front weaves. Glue and adhesives can pull your hair out from the follicle, can cause scalp and follicular infection, and decreases circulation which can lead to permanent hair loss.

Chemical Free Hair is the best of the latest hair styles

Natural hair styles.Bantu knots, locs, twists, braids, rod sets, try it all. Natural hair styles use your own natural beauty, send a message of self acceptance, and working with your natural tresses gives you so many options. In wearing natural latest hair styles:

  • Start with a fresh shampoo and root twist or interlock.
  • Next, condition your hair with hot oil treatment or deep conditioner. Be gentle.
  • It doesn’t get any easier than this!

Cornrows With Faux Braid Attachments

Cornrows are an easy and quick way to keep your hair healthy and make a beautiful statement. Adding a loose faux piece takes your cornrows to another level. This is a great way to transition out of chemicals to natural hair or simply wear your natural hair…just what the fashion doctor ordered. Most people would not consider walking into the board room, Sunday dinner, or the club with plain old cornrows. However, the extension added to the end, your cornrows go to fab, ultra feminine, and chic in minutes. Follow the steps we recommend, get the wow, wear the latest hair style, while staying true to your nappy, happy roots.

Here’s how we achieved this latest hair style:

  • Shampoo and condition the hair.
  • Apply Selsun Selenium Sulfide 2.5% Suspension to hydrate the hair and scalp. There’s nothing more unsightly than beautiful cornrows with a crusty visible scalp.
  • Cornrow or have a professional cornrow your hair. Be certain not to cornrow too tightly where the skin pulls. This can cause hair loss, bumps, and hair breakage.
  • Add your faux piece by braiding extension into the ends of each braid or purchase a pack of braided extension, braid it loosely, and add to the style where desired with hair pins or needle and thread.

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