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Permanent Hair Removal Creams Easy to Find

Hair grows fast and the more you shave it the more it grows, in the early man, it is said that they were completely almost completely covered with hair. Hair grows in various parts of the body, and some people do not like the hair hence they opt for various methods on how to permanently remove it and most of all how get the pubic hair permanently removed. Pubic hair grows at an alarming rate, and if one does not find a solution on how to curb or control the growth it can lead to severe health issues plus fungal growth in the private areas.

There are various ways of removing pubic permanently hair some are natural while others will involve chemicals on a visit to the doctor. Permanent hair removal is not a simple thing to perform as it is quite expensive and the probability that some of the ways people opt to remove it are not effective as it will grow back after a while. The following are ways of how to get the pubic hair permanently removed from the sensitive area.


This method uses an electric current and is considered as the best solution on how to get the pubic hair removed on a more permanent situation as it is effective in permanent removal and is the only method approved by the FDA and it is better than laser removal as it does not support a particular hair or skin color to get the desired results. The process damages the hair follicles which in turn reduce further hair growth in the pubic area.

Oral medicine

The method also has answers on how to get the ever growing pubic hair removed on permanent terms as it involves oral medication. This medicine will help you in effective permanent hair removal and as well as prevent the re-growth of the hair. When one opts for this method, they should know that some of these oral medicines have side effects, so it is wise for one to consult a doctor before using the oral medicine to remove the pubic hair permanently.

Removal by laser

This is also another method of how to get pubic hair removed completely. In this case, this is almost similar to electrolysis. The difference is that it uses light energy instead of electric current. The pulsed light is used to disable the hair follicle which helps in the growth of hair, it works better on hair which is dark combined with light skin hair will absorb most of light and reduces chances of skin infection, dark skin will absorb too much light and can cause skin infection, and it will take longer plus it is difficult, as hair is concerned coarse hairs is best and blond or red hair worse.

Depilatories/ hair removal creams

This is also a solution on how to completely remove pubic hair as it uses a strong alkaline product which will break down the hair follicle so as it can be wiped off easily. It is better than shaving as it does not create a sharp tip like when a razor is used. More so, it will remove the hair temporarily permanent, but it is only for a short while. One needs to be careful when using the cream as some of them contain harsh chemicals that can burn so read the label carefully for any side effects and also consult your doctor before using one as the pubic are sensitive.

Use of flash lamps

It is more similar to laser removal only that it uses a specific light of a particular wavelength. This method of permanent hair removal is also driven by hair color as it is effective on dark hair than blonde or red hair. This method needs to be performed by a profession as a wrong wavelength setting can damage the skin severely. This method is important to note when looking for ways on how to get rid of the pubic hair on a more permanent basis.


Most people prefer this method to shaving as it takes some time before the hair come back and less inexpensive as compared to other methods like laser hair removal. It is painful, but in the end, it gives the wanted results and when done over a long period it causes hair growth to diminish. It can be performed at home using the right tools or one can seek a professional.

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