Hirudal Mucopolysaccharides Cream

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Hirudal Cream 14g features Mucopolysaccharide Polysulphate 250 IU material. Hirudal lotion so long as it is analogues Hiruscar and Hirudoid, a scar enhancement merchandise which includes essential materials needed to treat scars correctly and remove acne scars, marks and spots, including Mucopolysaccharide Polysulphate (MPS) which increases productivity of replacement collagen and elastin that elevates the moisture-holding speed of interior layers of skin as well as softens scars.
Visco-elasticity of skin also improve, keeps moisture and raises the hydration. Dilating the peripheral arteries increases the blood circulation to the affected region. This encourages quick regeneration of disturbed tissue for more rapid healing and encourages more rapid absorption of fluid in the affected tissue.
Hirudal Cream for treating different inflammatory states of the veins, swelling, scars and bruises. It treats accidental or surgical harms.