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Signs Of Balding & How Can We Stop It?

Signs of Balding & How can we stop it?

When you find Signs of Balding, you have no control of hair loss, and you don’t know what to do, you can gain control. In order to know the appropriate action to take and stop hair loss in its tracks, first understand the reasons why you may be going bald. The primary reasons for hair loss are emotional stress which causes acids to be released in the body and causes weakness in the function of the body. This leads to tension and stress within the hair follicle. As a result, the environment of the scalp and hair follicle is too acidic, becomes weak and cannot support the hair strand within the follicle. and signs of balding shows! Below are several factors that cause stress your body and leads directly to hair loss: Buy I Can Do My Own Nappy Hair for more details on hair growth

Diet to stop Signs of Balding

When we lack proper nutrition internally and externally, our hair is usually the first to suffer and tell on us. Too much meat or too little protein, meats with toxic chemicals, too little or undernourished vegetables, iron deficiency, mineral deficiencies, inappropriate water intake, and generally poor nutrition will cause stress in the organs and cause your hair to shed, break, bald, and thin.

Rest can prevent balding

If you don’t allow your body to rest properly, your hair will start to tell on you. When our bodies are exhausted, it causes our organs to become weak and function under stressed conditions.

Lack of Essential Fatty Acids

Your hair, scalp, and follicles need support to produce healthy hair and cells. Most women, especially past 40 years old need essential fatty acids.

Over Processing is one of the cause for Hair fall.

Chemicals like hair relaxers, hair coloring, and common hair and body products are used on the hair are applied, this eventually causes some kind of damage to the hair, scalp and follicle. Most importantly, hair relaxers and most synthetically based hair & skin products are loaded with toxins that cause stress on the organs and in the body and shows signs of balding.

Weather Changes

When the seasons change, so does our hair and skin. When our bodies start to change, pay attention and see exactly what your body is asking for. Replenish the things that your body is missing or is low in. For example, as the weather gets colder, my scalp and skin get very dry. During this time, I drink more water, I intake essential fatty acids and vitamin E, I use the heal elixir on my skin everyday, and I use Naturally Therapeutics Healing Body Butters more often. Listen to your body!

Tension to your Hair can show signs of Balding.

Hair braiding styles, hair weaves, cornrows, lock grooming, and sets that are done too tight will often cause hair breakage, temporary and often permanent hair loss. Tension causes stress within the hair follicle, make the hair follicle weak and unable to support the hair strand. As a result, the hair falls out.

Stress & Signs of Balding.

Take an assessment of your stress and how you manage it. Are you in control or is it controlling you? Are you depressed, do you give yourself permission to feel however you do, do you let your feelings pass or do you try to savor the moment, do you acknowledge and do something about negative thoughts and feelings? Too much stress causes the body and organs to become weak, as a result, the environment within the scalp is acidic and it shows signs of balding.

Seek out a Doctor in addition to consulting with your family physician. Use your sixth sense when it comes to your health and your hair. There are some medical conditions associated with hair loss that require the consultation and care of a highly trained physician and modern technology. Other issues can be handled with common sense and loving care.
Have a hair analysis done. A hair analysis will tell you exactly what is going on with your body. A hair analysis will some direction as to what you should do about your problem. Many clients have gone to the Ahimkhi Center for Self Awareness for a thorough hair analysis.

Find a hair professional that you trust. A well trained and skilled hair professional is your saving grace. They can give you a solution as you transition and figure out what is going on with your hair. They can, most times evaluate your hair and give you a good idea of what is best. If they are experienced, they have seen almost everything and can recommend reasonable solutions without a lot of drama.

STOP! Stop everything you are doing that could possibly contribute to your hair loss and see what happens. Replace each contributor with a healthy alternative, one at a time. This will allow you to see what is making a difference. For example: if you are getting a relaxer, stop getting the chemicals and maybe start getting braids or wearing a pony tail. You can eventually grow out of the relaxer and have a healthy head of hair.

Rest Well! The average body needs 6-8 hours of sleep/rest daily. Even if you are not asleep, lie down and close your eyes. This will give your body a chance to regenerate the cells, replenish energy, and heal properly.It reduces signs of balding.

Eat Right! Eat the right foods for your body. Learn your blood and body type and eat accordingly. No matter what your blood or body type, stay away from hormones and chemicals in your food, appreciate the benefits of aloe vera, benefits of coconut oil, benefits of flax seed, and super greens in your diet as a supplement. Vitamins and minerals your hair needs to grow include: protein, zinc, biotin, vitamin C, D, & E, essential fatty acids, and vitamin love. Eat a hearty breakfast which includes natural sources of protein from green vegetables or hormone free meat. Stay away from refined sugar, coffee, sodas, and rich desserts. Remember moderation. Too much or too little of anything is not good, seek balance!!!

Take a break from chemicals and give your hair a chance to rest from application of chemicals. Make sure that your hair is in healthy condition before you apply any chemicals. Do not apply chemicals directly to your scalp. Remember there are healthy alternatives that are not as damaging to your hair, scalp, your system, and the environment as chemical based relaxers.

Use the right products for your hair. Use eco friendly products such as Qilib Hair fall Control for our store. Stay away from the Touch me not ingredients. The touch me not ingredients are toxic to your body, your hair and your well being. Choose product lines that will enhance your hair growth, do not build up, and your hair responds well to.Visit our store and buy Hair growth serum for optimum results.

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