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Stop Your Eyelash Falling Out now!

Stop Your Eyelash Fall Out now

Eyelash falling out is a serious problem for many women today. For years, the fashion and makeup industry has told us that the secret to beautiful long lashes is plenty of mascara and daily eyelash curling. Many women have tried these methods only to end up with short broken lashes that won’t grow back. If this is your situation, eyelash enhancements, such as false lashes are one solution. But no one wants to go out for that special night just to lose an eyelash during dinner. The best solution is to fix the lashes you have and stop eyelash loss once and for all.

Healthy Eyelashes Grow Faster

The secret to grow long eyelashes is to make them healthy. The number one cause of eyelash loss is unhealthy lashes. If your eyelashes are unhealthy and brittle, you can expect eyelash loss to continue. To make your eye lash grow, you need to provide them with plenty of moisture and vitamins. Protein is also an important component of eyelashes. In your search for how to grow your eyelashes long and strong, you will find there are many products that claim they can help.

Avoid Unhealthy Products

Unfortunately, many of the products on the market today contain harmful chemicals that can irritate or damage your eyes. Some products will even change the color of your eyes permanently. You should never resort to using these products just to have longer lashes. There are plenty of safe and natural lash conditioners available today to take these risks. In your search for this type of product, you should search out lash treatments that contain natural or botanical treatments.

Breakage Is Often Confused with Eyelash Loss

Many people think their eyelashes simply do not grow. However, most people have growth each month. The problem occurs when your lashes are so brittle and dry that they break as quick as or faster than they grow. The average rate of growth for eyelashes is ¼ inch per month. If your lashes are dry, they may break off this much or even more on a regular basis. In this situation, the first step is to moisturize your lashes and make them strong and durable once again. One problem many people have is curling lashes. When they are dry and brittle, curling can actually cause your lashes to break even more than normal.

Careprost Is the Solution

Look for products that will quickly work to repair each and every lash, and restore them to their original state of health. One of the best products for this task is Careprost. It contains many natural moisturizers and works to penetrate deep into the hair follicle. If you try this product about two months and within three weeks, you will notice your lashes were much softer and smoother. Instead of breaking at every touch, they were able to bend and not break. You will  also experience new lash growth by week four. After two months, lashes are once again long and full. Best part of all is this product didn’t irritate your eyes and it was very easy to apply every day.

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