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Tricks For A Great Skin Complexion

There are many tricks women can use to have a great complexion. The products we are recommended to use depend on our skin type; for instance,

  • The normal skin type is neither too dry, nor too greasy.
  • The greasy type of skin is shiny and oily because of the body produced fats. This type of skin is prone to acne.
  • The biggest problem people with dry complexion may have is that of creases, which appear early in their life.
  • The fourth type of skin is the mixed one. In other words, the skin is oily on the forehead, nose and chin and normal or dry on the rest of the face.

You must take excellent care of your skin regardless of its type. It is preferable to have an oily complexion than a dry one, because creases may appear quite late at persons with oily complexion. Yet, the unpleasant part is that oily skin attracts a lot of dust. Because of that and also to avoid acne, skin cleansing products are a must. Some people are allergic to soap and this may occur if the soap contains ingredients that aren’t tolerated by your skin. Thus, the simplest and most logical method to avoid soap allergies is to simply stop using soap for washing your face. Instead, you can use natural products for cleansing and purifying skin. Such is the cucumber mask, which is recommended twice a month. The skin will remain supple and shiny.

Another natural remedy is the carrot juice. It is excellent for removing the oily spots from your face or hands. Women have been using carrot juice from ancient times in order to have clean, oil and dust free complexion. Now, the truth is that any cream, regardless of how hydrating it would be, it can only increase the skin’s hydration by 20%, therefore the true source of a moisturized skin is the inside. The water intake determines the health of your skin and to be in excellent shape, we should drink 2- 2,5 liters of water daily and eat many fruits and vegetables while avoiding fat products.

Another thing we should do in order to look great, is prevent the apparition of dark circles under our eyes. How exactly could we do that? Apart from getting enough sleep, and avoiding stress, the best remedy for getting rid of dark circles is again the cucumber or potato beauty mask. One should apply a compress with cucumber or potato juice around the eyes and keep it during the night. But apart from these remedies, there still are some basic rules that we should carefully observe. First of all, we should wash our faces every morning and evening preferably using a mild cleansing product. Body soap or even shampoo can be harmful for our vulnerable face complexions, regardless of their type. In fact, these products weren’t even meant to be used for sensitive skin. But not only chemical cleansers can make your face look irritated, so can hot water. We should also definitely avoid scrubbing our faces, and try washing it gently. If you love nature, another great natural cleanser is the chamomile tea. After washing, the next step is of course moisturizing. There are plenty of moisturizers on the market, you find them here at shop section. If we do not use moisturizers for fear we may be allergic to them, still it’s not a good decision since our skin needs hydration. What’s more, if we do not use any moisturizer, our skin can get irritated. And such irritation can manifest itself by discoloration or appearance of some red spots. A desirable moisturizing cream should be hypo-allergenic and oil free. There are creams that contain ingredients with an irritating factor for our complexion, or include perfumes and certain dyes that again can cause an allergic reaction. Because of that, it is advisable for us to thoroughly read the labels of the products we use for our skin. Keywords: Tricks For A Great Complexion,skin type,normal skin type,excellent care of skin,oily skin,skins hydration,moisturized skin,sensitive skin

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