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What Causes Dry skin sores & its Remedies

Dry skin sores are the results of excessive dry skin. When the dry skin is not protected from the harsh and cold winds in winter, it reaches to the worse condition. When the skin becomes highly dry, it produces the skin sores. These sores can be developed due to the allergic reactions on dry skin. One loves his/her skin very much as it has direct connection with appearance. The dry skin attacked by sores loses its beauty and becomes very awkward in appearance. To protect the dry skin from severe pain and embarrassing appearance of skin sore, the appropriate dry skin care treatments should be followed in the initial stages. The dry skin sores are mostly seen at the corners of lips or mouth. One feels the pain of these sores while eating. The skin becomes highly sensitive to the acidic fruits like lemon, orange, etc. and other food materials like salt, chili and pepper. These sores are also found on other parts of body such as legs, hands, etc.

Causes of sores on dry skin:

The most important cause of producing these sores is fungal infection. People are mostly seen with the attack of these skin sores during winter. The harsh winter colds and allergic reactions together result in producing the sores. In winter, skin becomes very dry that naturally causes itching. People have the tendency to scratch the dry skin that results in producing certain marks on the skin. When these marks turn worse, they can be called as sores. The dry skin sores are also developed due the use of harsh fabric clothes. Some people suffering with metal allergies can also get these skin sores. The chemical containing substances like skin soaps, ointments can also become harmful for skin in order to develop allergic reactions on the skin. The exposure of skin to extreme cold is one of the important causes.

Remedies for dry skin sores:

One of the effective remedies to prevent the dry skin from sores is protecting it from extreme temperatures. One should always prefer warm water for bath or body wash. To prevent the skin from this dry skin problem, it is recommended to have watery fruits and vegetables in regular diet. It is recommended to drink enough water daily to maintain the water level in body. One should avoid excessive intake of alcohol as it is the cause of many dry skin troubles. One can make use of soft brush to remove the dead skin on skin sores. Harsh skin brush should be avoided to prevent the skin injuries. After brushing the skin, it is effective to apply a good dry skin lotion or cream on the skin.

It is recommended to apply good skin care oil on skin before bath and a good lotion after bath. The body lotions should not be too oily and greasy. Before purchasing the skin care products, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist because some products can show adverse effects on some skin types. It is essential to avoid skin scratching as it is the most severe cause of producing marks on dry skin. These marks result into the unpleasant and awkward skin. When skin reaches a worse condition of dryness in winter, it produces skin sores. Above mentioned are some causes and treatments for dry skin sores.

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